Schools Aerospace Challenge 2014 – A400M Atlas Search and Rescue

Came across this recently, after they followed the Think Defence Twitter account (just under two and a half thousand followers now)

Really interesting stuff and great to see the list of sponsors supporting the development of British aerospace engineers and technicians.

This years challenge is as below

RAF Requirement

The A400M transport aircraft is soon to enter service with the Royal Air Force and it might be possible to use it in a secondary role to provide a long range Search and Rescue capability.  SAR aircraft have previously carried and dropped survival equipment including liferafts to assist survivors.

It is suggested that using remote control technology the A400M could carry and deploy a lifeboat that would be steerable to survivors.  It would be advantageous if the lifeboat could have a propulsion system to enable it to travel some distance in order to enter known shipping lanes and therefore increase the chances of recovery.

The task is to examine the feasibility of such an idea addressing aspects such as radius of operation of the A400M in the role, its location of survivors, deployment of the lifeboat, and how modern technology could be used within the lifeboat to give survivors the best chance of rescue.

Interesting that we we were discussing using the A400M Atlas in the maritime patrol role only recently.

Fantastic stuff, good luck to all those taking part

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