Contracts for the Protected Mobility fleet are coming in thick and fast, this one for the Health and Usage Monitoring equipment, the Next Generation!

Military vehicles and associated parts. Data-communications equipment. Data network management services. Health and Usage Monitoring System – Next Generation (HUMS NG). The Authority has a requirement for an end to end service provision for a Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) to be used on the Protected Mobility (PM) fleet of approximately 3000 vehicles consisting of 15 different types with sub variants (with options for an increase to 5000 vehicles with several further types). The HUMS-NG capability must enable the collection of system data through automated processes that do not require human intervention, manipulation or manual data input. The service provider will provide analysis of this data to allow the Authority to make timely through-life fleet management decisions. This requirement has a taut delivery Programme with the Husky vehicle fleet (325 vehicles) fitted with HUMS by October 2015 and the entire Protected Mobility fleet fitted by June 2016. The service provider shall be responsible for:

  • the design, systems integration, testing and evaluation and installation of a HUMS device on each PM vehicle ensuring that the performance and capability of the vehicle is not reduced in any way;
  • working with the relevant Platform and Sub-Systems Design Authorities to enable fitting of the HUMS system and extraction of vehicle data
  • securely transmitting and storing the Authority owned data;
  • supporting DE&S and Army decision-making by analysing data and presenting information as reports and recommendations through a management information system compatible with the Authority’s DIIF system;
  • supporting the entire hardware and software solution through life, including the provision for DE&S and Army Users to adjust and amend the output as information requirements mature whilst in service.
  • the resolution of Safety, Security and ECM accreditation constraints.

End to end managed service of 3,000 Protected Mobility vehicles for a period of 5 years.

Estimated value excluding VAT:

Range: between 17 000 000 and 28 000 000 GBP

The wheels keep turning


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