#SDSR 2015 Talking Points – The Other Sort of Defence


The recent flooding has shown there is much more to do in preparing the UK and its people from the impacts of flooding and storms.

The National Security Council recognise flooding as a top 3 national risk and the MoD contributes nothing to flood risk reduction and very little to flood response.

I think we can all also agree there is an eagerness on the MoD’s part to be seen playing a greater part in civil resilience issues, if only for reasons of self preservation.

Which brings me on to the talking point.

Will the political parties seek to tap into the desire for improved flood defence works at the expense of the MoD budget settlement?

Swapping one kind of defence for another might be attractive to many.

If not, how will this desire for greater involvement in matter civil resilience, manifest itself within the MoD and SDSR 2015?



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