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Submarine Cable Map

TeleGeography have just released their 2014 Submarine Cable Map

You can use their interactive map or one that uses Goggle Maps

Click the images to view

Submarine Cable Map - Google Submarine Cable Map

Fascinating stuff

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6 Responses

  1. I do hope we are using our considerable expertise in underwater activity to develop a class of two or three submersibles…ideally capable of hitching a ride on a sub…that can systematically arse about with various of these cables should it be useful for us to do so in order to cause distress and inconvenience to the Queen’s enemies…

    Naturally I doubt it, being by nature Gloomy

  2. GNB – I can remember when the Cold War was still ongoing that there was a scare around caterpillar track imprints found on the seabed off the Scandinavian coast. No doubt where Clancy got his idea for Red Oktober’s fancy secret drive from. But there’s no reason why you couldn’t equip submersibles with seabed negotiating mobility in addition to buoyant propulsion – at last a use for UGVs – grumbling about on the seabed looking for cables carrying the wrong sort of data.

  3. Weren’t there reports of the world internet speed slowing when a cable was cut off Egypt last year.

  4. I’m offended; I’ve spent the last several months working on a surveillance system concept to monitor submarine cables (in accordance with ICPC recommendations) and my cables don’t feature. Hurumph!

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