Loki – A Stealth Snowmobile

It’s not often we cover stories from Canada but this is an interesting one.

From the Montreal Gazette;

The Canadian military has been secretly test-driving a $620,000 stealth snowmobile in its quest to quietly whisk troops on clandestine operations in the Arctic.

The Canadian Press has learned that soldiers have taken the new hybrid-electric snowmobile prototype on trial runs to evaluate features such as speed, noise level, battery endurance and acceleration.

The Department of National Defence even has a nickname for its cutting-edge, covert tool: “Loki,” after the “mythological Norse shape-shifting god.”

The company that has developed Loki is Canadian, CrossChasm.

This rather amusing news post on the CrossChasm website casts some further light on the subject that will no doubt be given a stiff ignoring as the worlds media gets geared up for the birth of the Stealth Snowmobile called Loki.


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