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Stop that Tank

Boyes anti tank rifle
From Forgotten Weapons During World War II, the Disney company joined in the Allied war effort by producing animated movie material at cost for the US government (they also created insignia mascots for hundreds of aircraft and warships by request).…

Loki – A Stealth Snowmobile

It’s not often we cover stories from Canada but this is an interesting one. From the Montreal Gazette; The Canadian military has been secretly test-driving a $620,000 stealth snowmobile in its quest to quietly whisk troops on clandestine operations in…

Medium Girder Bridge Heli Bridging

A great video from Canada aboot the medium girder bridge and heli bridging The Medium Girder Bridge is of course a British invention Read more about UK Military Bridging and the Medium Girder Bridge here

Canadian Armour in Afghanistan

Some interesting footage of the Leopard main battle tank and Kodiak armoured engineer vehicle in Afghanistan. The UK has deployed the Trojan combat engineering heavy armoured vehicle but not Challenger 2 citing terrain restrictions in the Green Zone as the…