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Boeing Chinook Cargo On Off Loading System

Boeing CH-47 Chinook’s new Cargo On/Off Loading System, or COOLS allows Chinook crews to quickly reconfigure the floor of the helicopter to accommodate passengers or carry cargo. The Army plans to retrofit its entire CH-47F fleet, as well as some D models, with COOLS. By 2015, COOLS will be standard during production

Wonder if the Mk6 programme includes these?

It is an improvement on the older Helicopter Internal Cargo Handling System that I covered in an older post of pallets and containers

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7 Responses

  1. As much as I hate to be pessimistic about this, The RAF didn’t see fit to have the significantly better flip floor roller system and electronic locks fitted to their C-130J model Hercules and instead had the much much worse and awful to use Dash 4A system fitted.

    So I just wonder if they’ve learnt their lesson? Experience tells me no.

  2. @bigdave – I’m assuming you mean Enhanced Cargo Handling System? My understanding that when we ordered the Js back in the late 90s, the ECHS was a untested and untried. The MoD * felt it would be better cheaper to fit the same system as the existing Ks and aim for commonality across the fleet. The AT community were happy enough with the Dash 4A at the time.

    * Perhaps not unfairly, but probably short sightedly

  3. @Tom

    To be honest I never knew the proper name for it. So thanks for that :-)

    Actually the system fitted to our K model Hercs was the old Skydel system which was the same as that fitted to the VC-10’s and the old Belfasts. So although the Dash4A was an improvement in terms of usability and made role changes much easier it just falls so short of what it could of been.

    Its bizarre going onboard American H model Hercs (pretty much the same as our K’s) because they have the Dash4A fitted, we ripped out the Dash4A on our K’s to fit Skydel to give commonality with the existing VC-10’s and Belfasts.

    Going on a Danish J model Herc is great because they have the ECHS fitted and its just awesome.

    I seriously hope our new Mk6 Chinooks get the COOLS system, because although we don’t regular move palletized loads using the Chinook it would seem like a great way to add flexibility across our fleet, and aid the cross decking of loads for FOB’s from MOB’s

  4. @BigDave – sounds like we’re always trying to be backwards compatible rather than going forwards and retrofitting the existing fleet.

    I suppose it a matter of cost. Moving wholesale to ECHS when we brought the Js (incl retrofitting the Ks) would of of been probably more expensive and required retraining all of the Movers/LMs/Dispatchers.

    Of course once the A400Ms enter service we will have 3 different systems across the AT fleet (not counting Voyager).

  5. @Tom

    Granted it almost certainly came down to cost. The thing is the Movers had to be trained to use the Dash4 system anyway as it didn’t exist on any of our aircraft either prior to the J.

    As for the A400M, although i can’t say for certainty as I haven’t been on the A400M mock up or live frame yet I believe the system on their is very similar to that used on the C-17. Either way we need to be trained up on using it.

    The Voyager is a different story, because for all intents and purposes the holds on those are the same as on any other A330 so require little to no training to be able to use it. It pretty much idiot proof.

    Anyway little use in me complaining about it, its done now and I just have to get on with. Haha.

  6. It will be interesting to see what alterations Boeing comes up with for the Chinook Block 2, they’re talking of a 22,000 lb payload compared to the current 16,000, and the ability to carry the forthcoming JLTV and crew.

    I’m wondering if it’ll use the GE38 engines off the CH-53K?

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