The Atlantic Conveyor, FIPASS and a Mexeflote

ACL G3 ROR Container Ship

About three quarters through the the next post in the Ship to Shore series, on the Falkland Islands, but in the course of surfing/research came across some amazing pictures that I thought I would share beforehand.

When the Atlantic Conveyor was lost, the Atlantic Container Line eventually commissioned a replacement, the G3 class

From the ACL web site

Five, newly constructed ACL G-3 (third generation) RORO/Containerships, the largest of their kind in the world (2160 TEUs), enter the North Atlantic service. The G-3s are fuel efficient and highly flexible for a wide mix of cargoes. The G-2 vessels are phased out and scrapped.

What I didn’t know, and it is a bit of a revelation to be honest, is that the G3 class looks like it was tested with a Mexeflote (as part of an interface between the rear ramp and another mexeflote) and what looks like a temporary helipad.

Look at the images below

ACL G3 amphibious operations
ACL G3 amphibious operations
ACL G3 with helideck
ACL G3 with helideck
ACL G3 with Mexeflote
ACL G3 with Mexeflote

Can anyone shed any light on this or do you think this was dangerous common sense and soon snuffed out!!

On a side issue, is this the design that should have been used for the Points?





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