Armour for Armour

A 'Warthog' Fighting Vehicle is pictured on patrol in the Loy Mandah District of Afghanistan, during an operation to clear out an insurgent hotspot.

Being rather sad I often take a joyful romp through the defence related EU tender journals and occasionally something pops out that looks interesting.

The Transparent Armour Protection System (TRAPS) is required by the Protected Mobility Team

The UK MoD has a UOR requirement for a Transparent Armour Protection System (TAPS). The system solution shall afford protection against the Stone Threat in Afghanistan for various military vehicles. Any proposed solutions shall be robustly scored against the following KURs:

The system shall not prevent safe operation of the vehicle through reduced visibility.

The system shall protect the windscreen from 3 separate attacks across the primary vision area.

The system shall have a working life of no less than 12 months and shall not degrade the ballistic protection of the Transparent Armour (TA) to which it is fitted.

The system shall be capable of being initially installed at second line facilities.

The user shall be able to restore situational awareness post attack whilst on patrol with the aim of the system still providing protection against the threats.

When one thinks of it for a while it makes perfect sense, glass armour is very expensive and because of abrasion from road borne debris, dust, unfriendly locals (as if) and careless squaddies (double as if) putting a cheap second skin on it protects the good stuff underneath. Being bullet proof does not necessarily mean scratch resistant.

It also means any damage can be repaired quickly in the field rather than taking the vehicle off the road and loading the poor REME with yet more things to fix.

My first reaction was the Peter Kaye sketch



It’s a joke for us British, anyone else, sorry!

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