The Golden Egg Bridge


A great collection of images from 21 Engineer Regiment

Read more about the bridge at the links

It is what is called a Non Equipment Bridge, or construction bridge.

No handy kit of parts, just design, survey and tradesman skills in abundance as they stripped out a non UK MGB (the world and his wife uses the MGB) and replaced it with a more permanent fixture

Spacers being hammered into position during a bridge construction by a Sapper from 21 Engineer Regiment.

Troops from 21 Engineer Regiment replaced an important bridge to assist the local population.

The bridge known as ‘Golden Egg’ links the main highways and local communities within the city of Gereshk in Nahr-e Saraj. The bridge helps the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) maintain communications and gives them the freedom to operate bringing further stability and security to the region.

The original bridge was blown-up by insurgents and replaced by the Danish who christened it ‘Golden Egg’, a traditional name given to a bridge made for armoured vehicles. The Danish bridge was temporary and 21 Engineer Regiment has now replaced it with a permanent structure.

Non Equipment Bridging 01 Non Equipment Bridging 02 Non Equipment Bridging 03 Non Equipment Bridging 04

And not completely unrelated is this video from BFBS about the RE Specialist Team Royal Engineers (STRE) and their work with the Helmand and Arghandab Valley Authority (HAVA) to restore a damaged canal.

No sangars, no C-IED, no explosions, just solid combat engineering.

Two great stories


Did anyone notice on the video a Foxhound out in the wild?

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