Remotely Operated Thermal Observation Sight (ROTOS)

The observation system used on the new RAF Regiment Praetorian vehicles and the Mastiff talisman command vehicle is the Thales ROTOS, or Remotely Operated Thermal Observation Sight

This is a lift from the Thales brochure;

Thales has developed a state of the art observation system capable of providing surveillance and reconnaissance information to the crew of an Armoured Fighting Vehicle. ROTOS features the latest high performance sensors to be integrated on a platform for advanced surveillance and observation mission.

With extensive experience in vehicle integration, Thales has the ability to develop unique solutions made up from a large variety of sensors to meet specific  customer requests. Its modular and flexible design makes it suitable for integration on all types of  platform, from Protected Patrol Vehicles (PPVs) to Main Battle Tanks (MBTs).

ROTAS Mastiff and Bushmaster
ROTAS Mastiff and Bushmaster

What is perhaps a little less well known is the positioning mechanism and control system is from the small UK defence manufacturer, Chess Dynamics.

The Cobra positioning platform (click to view)

Chess Dynamics also make products for the Royal Navy…

ROTOS and the Cobra platform has also been seen on the Jackal ISTAR variant

ROTAS on Jackal ISTAR 01 ROTAS on Jackal ISTAR 02

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