Holyhead Marine Offshore Raiding Craft


These are what you see the Royal Marines cutting about the place in

And a handful of images and videos

Royal Marines Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC)
Royal Marines Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC)
Royal Marines Griffon 2400TD Hovercraft and Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC)
Royal Marines Griffon 2400TD Hovercraft and Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC)

HMS Bulwark – Offshore Raiding Craft

Offshore Raiding Craft Promo.wmv

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I am more excited by the new RNLI lifeboats. Cost 1.5 million each, 46 ft long, hull reduces slamming by two thirds. Theres an item on it in the Telegraph. A military tender version would be good for the RN.


Went back to the telegraph for more details. Its the RNLI Shannon class, 18 tons, 25 knots, range 100 miles offshore.
Oh & a think tank wants DfID to fund dual use transport planes. helicopters, ships for the RAF/RN. Something I have been ranting about for years.


John, yeah, the first of the Shannon class will be stationed near to me, in Dungeness, early this year
– that same article carries a utube link; will have to take a sneak preview

RNLI still has £5m to fund (instead of going to their bank), so anyone who forgot to buy Xmas presents still has a chance

All Politicians are the Same
All Politicians are the Same

These are good assets but quite heavy, I remember being in a meeting years ago, arguing with DML as they were at the time that the crane in the LPDs need to be upgraded so that they could bring the ORC onto the vehicle deck.
The DML rep was pointing out that we had not asked for the crane to be able to cope with such a weight and it would not be possible ( the weight was unknown at the time the maintenace contract was signed). He genuinely could not believe that it was a show stopper, even when it was explained to him that having an Amphib that could not use the new marine Offshore Raiding Craft would be really stupid he did not want to budge.
It took ages to persuade him.


It is the Civitas think tank that wants to switch DfID money to armed forces transport kit. Written by Jonathan Foreman, their senior research fellow.

On the YouTube there are quite a few videos on the Shannon. Including beachings which are very exciting. Well I find them exciting.


Here’s a link to the Civitas story.



How does one establish a “think tank” exactly, as opposed to the common or garden “talking shop?” :-)


Shouldn’t it be a think AFV?
Would this be classified as a think tank? Perhaps a think container (ISO, naturally)


The boat that has guns, doesn’t carry any troops, it is a small boat and the troop version should have 2 guns, 1 at the front and the 2nd one at the back. And the gun version should have 2guns on each side and all version should have all lot more of armour