3 Years, 5m Euros and a Load of Laser Rangefinders

As part of the Sniper System Improvement (SSI) Programme the MoD purchased 580 PLRF 15C’  Pocket laser Rangefinders from the Swiss company Vectronix in 2008.

A picture of the PLRF 15C in use in Afghanistan appeared in a 2010 Think Defence post, click here

40 Cdo Royal Marines in Sangin, Afghanistan with Sharpshooter Rifle

Vectronix (and other defence blogs) describe the PLRF 15C as;

C for Compass

PLRF10C and PLRF15C are “mini laser location and orientation tools”. The C indicates their DMC Digital Magnetic Compass feature. This small addition provides a wealth of additional data: azimuth or bearing, inclination or elevation; horizontal distance and height difference – not only between the observer and an object, but also between two remote objects A and B.

A recent contract notice confirmed that the MoD will be awarding a EUR 5m 3 year contract to Vectronix for more;

Light Weapons, Photographic and Batteries (LWPB) Project team, part of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), intends to award a three year Contract to Vektronix AG for the procurement of additional Pocket Laser Range Finders (PLRFs).

Whether these new ones will be the same PLRF 15C’s or the newer 25C‘s is not clear but the newer ones have Bluetooth so are obviously more desirable :)



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