Wolfhound on Trial and Another New Truck

Wolfhound is the logistics version of the Force protection Mastiff and is designed to carry cargo on its open topped load bed

Whilst I am on the subject of vehicles, yet another logistics vehicle is also about to enter service, as part of the C Vehicle PFI, which mainly covers things like forklift loaders, JCB’s and assorted other plant, ALC also provide a number of Iveco Trakker based trucks.

I looked at trucks in one of the FDR series, here

But there is a new one to add to the ever growing list of British Army vehicles.

ALC have contracted with Thompson’s to supply a tipping body for a protected 8×8 version of the Iveco Trakker to be called the Self Loading Dump Trucks (protected) or SLDT(P).

Iveco Trakker Self Loading Dump Truck 09
Iveco Trakker Self Loading Dump Truck
Iveco Trakker Self Loading Dump Truck Protected
Iveco Trakker Self Loading Dump Truck Protected

The US does things differently of course, they realise that proliferating vehicles just means poor serviceability, low availability and high costs so they simply have a tipping body module for their DROPS equivalent.

Fleet coherence you say, please, stop talking sense, how many time have I told you before!

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December 1, 2010 11:46 pm

I dont get this at all, the MOD must be barmy. I can just see the logic for (i assume) cheap and cheerful low spec Trakker series for UK and garrison base repair work where high mobility and armour is not needed, but this just defies logic completely sending a dozen Trakkers in the stan where i presume its going into a combat area (vis a vee the armour) where there is no support for it and a supply chain has to be set up for prob half a dozen trucks INSANE!!!

December 2, 2010 8:11 am

Regarding the Wolfhound; whenever I see that thing I always think the cargo bed looks ideal for putting large weapons on – mortars, rockets, anti-aircraft guns that sort of thing.

The driver was getting on a bit at the 5:18 mark.

If you wanted a protected tipper could the MRAP vehicle design be chopped down so it was just an armoured cab and then put a tipping body on the back?