Ocelot becomes Foxhound

Ocelot-Foxhound (1)

The MoD have today announced the contract placement with Force Protection Europe for 200 Foxhound Light Protected vehicles. Foxhound is the MoD’s name for the FPE Ocelot.

The order is for 200 vehicles at a total cost of £180 million.

2 months from preferred bidder status to order placement is probably an MoD record, perhaps there was a lot of paperwork.

Of significance is the influence of motorsport design, leveraging the UK’s position as one of the foremost automotive designers.

No indication of a full in-service date but if Warthog is anything to go by, expect them in theatre in 2012/2013. Let’s hope we can build on this and get them there much earlier. The announcement indicated availability for training in 2011 but failed to mention when in the year this would be.

A good news day.

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