Testing the Funnies

The specialist armoured engineering vehicles of the 79th Brigade under Sir Percy Hobart played a pivotal role in the success of the D Day landings, read more here. This video shows a number of them under test in 1942, carpet…

The D-Day Normandy Landings

D Day Mulberry
Soon after Dunkirk and with the Battle of Britain won, thinking turned to the return fixture and the realisation that it would need a logistics element of unparalleled proportions possessing the technical means to cross the English Channel.

The Funnies of D Day

Always a favourite at TD Towers, the Imperial War Museum have a great collection if if images, a short extract of which are below [browser-shot width=”600″ url=”;] Read more.. [browser-shot width=”600″ url=”;]  

Exercise Tiger Underwater Survey

Exercise Tiger (Operation Tiger) was the code name for a series of pre D Day practice runs at Slapton Sands on the Dorset Coast in 1944 that sadly resulted in the deaths of 946 service personnel. In the recent post…

Awesome, on a stick

Dassault have created a 3D visualisation of the D Day Mulberry harbour, a favourite here at TD towers. It really is fantastic. Read more [browser-shot width=”600″ url=”;]