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At last, a funny video

After endless Amarillo rip offs, camper than a row of tents dance videos and cringe inducing tributes on Mother Day, finally, a funny video. Well done CPL Davies and team, Merseyside RMR    

A Negligent Discharge

One can just imagine the charge sheet [browser-shot width=”600″ url=”;] Here is a story from not long ago, all Stingray related, to see what the incident might have looked like. [browser-shot width=”600″ url=”;] Please, lets not laugh. Glass houses and…

Passenger Handling Briefing

The images are to show the PAX handlers at the Passenger Handling Facility (PHF), the Merlin doing PAX drop offs in Patrol Bases (PBs) and Check Points (CPs), dust landings and REME aircraft techs doing maintenance. Quality! Last post after…

Warfighting Alert

It has even started creeping into official news releases [browser-shot width=”600″ url=”;] Can we get our own buzzwords please and stop stealing them from the USA, no doubt they were all warriors as well :)