The CTruk Thor


In the recent Type 26 GCS project I wrote that the new adaptable mission bay could accommodate a 12m vessel weighing up to 15 tonnes, somewhat larger than the normal 8 or 9 metre RHIB.

So what is the potential of this additional capacity, bigger is not always better (stop sniggering), but for some operations it may well provide a greater uplift in capability than we might think.

CTruk has featured on Think Defence several times over the years, they are an innovative British manufacturer of composite small craft, mostly for the offshore energy industry. One of their recent developments has been to look at the defence and security applications of their composite technology and design experience.

The CTruk Thor is an 11m composite twin hull vessel that can be configured as a troop carrier, riverine or force protection craft. With a compact radar, electro-optical sensor system, remote weapon system and enclosed accommodation, it offers a longer endurance and better weather protected version of the Royal Marine’s Offshore Raiding Craft for maritime security operations, counter-piracy, force protection and extended operations away from the ‘mothership’, two or three days perhaps.

The extensive use of composites reduces weight, useful considering the 15-tonne crane limit on the Type 26 GCS.



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Am also thinking that composite construction might lend itself to the MCM mission.

However good it is though, it cannot possibly approach the coolness of the Avenger.

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