UK F35B Joint Strike Fighter Orders

On June 14, 2012, F-35B Joint Strike Fighter test aircraft BF-2 completed the first test flight for the short takeoff and vertical landing variant with an asymmetric weapons load. BF-2 flew with an AIM-9X Sidewinder inert missile on the starboard pylon, a centerline 25 mm gun pod, and a GBU-32 and AIM-120 in the starboard internal weapon bay.

Not sure if this is correct but in what seems to be a scoop, the Economic Times (India) has a story about UK F35B orders, you know, those Unicorn like fabled orders that have been ‘coming shortly’ for ages.

Britain on Monday announced it had signed a contract with US manufacturer Lockheed Martin to buy the first of 14 F-35B combat jets.

The four Lightning II stealth combat aircraft will operate from both of the Royal Navy’s forthcoming new aircraft carriers and from Royal Air Force land bases, with another 10 due to be ordered over the next five years.

The first batch is expected to be delivered in 2016 and will take up station in 2018.

Not seen it elsewhere so the usual caveats apply.

Time will tell I guess




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