Taxi for Mr Pulford

Journalists taking things out of context must be a nightmare for senior officers.

RAF chief says politicians ‘make it up as they go along’

The Chief of the Air Staff has spoken of the tensions between military leaders and politicians who leave everything to the last minute and are obsessed with costs

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Some good points in his speech but taking this part completely out of context

I don’t care about the cost

Oh dear

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July 21, 2014 9:16 pm

Some really good points about the how incompatible the culture of decision making with building and sustaining military capability. He is focussing on that since technology and complexity are very high, having a longer term view really helps build capoability and keep down long term costs.
The guy makes some straight points and maybe the reaction to these comments is perhaps a symptom of the problem of the superficial short term “soundbites” approach. Whilst this is about the RAF, you cannot help connect these points with the whole CVRT replacement saga from the army…..a long series of short term decisions dragging over decadess wasting huge sums and leaving us behind in capability.
Need more leaders like him….dont call a taxi just yet!!!!

July 22, 2014 9:37 pm

Wessex pilot in the Falklands Y know, believe he was part of the infil for Fortuna Glacier.

politicians ‘make it up as they go along’. Yeah and then shortly after they say ‘plan’. Simples!