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A great post from Military History Now on the somewhat Heath Robinson weapons in use by the Home Guard

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I had a quick look at one of them a few months ago, the Blacker Bombard

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Did that weapon ever get used in anger?

i mean, the round (I think) got used a lot on Churchill AVREs.


Ohh, PIAT was only looking the same as that “original”

Pete Arundel

It was used operationally – but not as you might expect. This is an account of one being used on an MTB;

“I was the experimental gunner, the new mounting was placed on 67 and a pair of Oerlikons plus a sprung cartwheel sight, something I could manage without for obvious reasons. Lt. Woods, the Gunner at “Beehive”, not being satisfied with this, also had the foredeck strengthened and a “Blacker Bombard Spigot Mortar” installed – when you hit anything with the bomb it was devastating. We did quite a few operations with this armament and successfully.”


Yes, we tend to forget about the MGBs, and think that only torpedoes made the small, fast craft potent.


I think my Surrey village Home Guard had one of those. I saw a photo of a test fire when they used the village green as a test range.
As for the boats, they were hampered by only having .303 machineguns at the start of the war, yet we were making the 15mm Brno cannon under licence. Shame no one thought to fit it to the gun boats.

Reading this reminds me of a story about the home guard being used to help train the commandos before operation chariot on the Normandie dock. They were to act as the German guards on a simulated attack on a British dock ,the local home guard commander on receiving his orders to supply suitable men armed with pick axe handles(the limit as ‘non lethal’ force only) chose his men and deployed his men accordingly. On the night of the ‘attack’ the commandos got such a beating ,though completed the attack successfully ,doubt was thrown over the upcoming operations. The home guard commander had chosen as his troops very highly experienced ex ww1 trench warfare fighters who only twenty years before fought daily for their very lives. The commando commander appreciated this gesture as a good lesson and pushed for the op to go ahead :-)


On the upward trend of Russian military spending, it is fairly easy to assess what the capabilities are as for the navy and any amphibiosity.

The air will take a long time to build up, though they did go all-pro with that service and hardly have any retention problems.

The thing to look out for is their readiness bdes going up from the current 40-48 to c. 100. A third of that force could be thrown about the different geographies, which so far all had their pretty fixed allocations of the far less agile force. A few years back the command structure was reduced to 4 military districts so that these reallocations could be brought about swiftly, when needed, and without too much bureaucracy.


Sorry, that should have gone onto the ” meds” thread!