Marshall CT Scanner to France

Container CT Scanner

Marshall Aerospace and Defence have won a contract to supply the French armed forces with another three containerised CT scanners, like the ones used by the UK.

As the prime contractor Marshall ADG has brought together the latest Philips Healthcare CT Scanner and integrated it into a Marshall expandable shelter to provide a highly mobile solution which can be scanning the first patient within four hours of arrival at the deployed location.  Core to this ability is the design of the system which does not require certification each time it is moved as the main scanner unit (Gantry) does not move during transit.  During the design process risks were identified and mitigated to ensure that the user has a robust and reliable system. The unit is designed around a standard ISO container and can be easily moved through both military and civilian logistics system.

The CT scanner system incorporates features normally associated with fixed hospital facilities; full radiation protection inbuilt within the shelter structure, protected operator area, full air conditioning and environmental control, and UPS back up equipment to preserve vital image data.

The Philips CT Scanner is one of the most advanced CT systems in the market. This system can expand clinical boundaries in cardiac, pulmonary, trauma, and paediatric imaging

Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2013 in the Innovation category for their  Containerised Deployable CT Scanner.

It is also in service with the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Read more at Marshall’s

The brochure, click here

Another great British defence engineering company we don’t hear hardly enough about

Plus of course, it is a container based story, what’s not to like?

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