40 Years and Still Going Strong

This story caught my eye this week;

[browser-shot width=”600″ url=”http://www.marinelink.com/news/achievement-rollsroyce364502.aspx”]

It is a reminder that Rolls Royce have been designing ships for quite some time but what I thought was pretty interesting was the final paragraph in the story.

The first Rolls-Royce UT Design ship to enter service, in 1974, is still operating today. The UT 704 originally named Stad Scotsman, is currently chartered to work in the oil fields off the coast of Nigeria, under the name Reliance Star 1.

We sometimes tend to characterise ‘civilian’ construction rules with being flimsy or lacking in robustness but 40 years of hard work in the oil industry would tend to point to a certain ‘Russian style’ agricultural toughness.

We all know the oft discussed ‘military shipbuilding’ rules have many requirements in damage control, CBRN protection, damage resistance and many other factors but general robustness would seem to be sufficient if that is in the design requirement and build standards.

Perhaps this isn’t news to anyone, least of all the knowledgeable TD readers but I think there is still perceptions to challenge.

So here she is, the 40 years young Reliance Star 1

[browser-shot width=”600″ url=”http://www.shipspotting.com/gallery/photo.php?lid=1042141″]



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The Other Chris
February 23, 2014 9:33 pm

@TD – Have you had a chance to look at the UT 777 design? A lot of room in that enclosed tower and deckspace. Ice-strengthened too. Moonpool…

Gloomy Northern Boy
Gloomy Northern Boy
February 23, 2014 9:54 pm

Any mileage in a single design of utility ship – akin to the SIMMS concept, with lots of container-based equipment options – that can replace all our smaller ocean-going craft be they RN, Coastguard, Fisheries, DfID, Oilfield protection, FI, Caribbean, West Africa, bits of rock or whatever; perhaps with a smaller number of OPV’s on steroids for the two or three deployments where at any given time there might be serious shooting?

Boy now fallen asleep over minecraft, so have stolen his lap-top…how does he make his keyboard so sticky? (and before I attract any off-colour remarks, let me point out he is not yet 11 you horrible lot!)