The Recruitment Group Does Not Hold Vacancy Information


The letters page of the Soldier magazine never fails to deliver the odd comedy gem.

‘Far from smooth operators harm recruiting’ is the best one in the latest edition.

Is it a reasonable expectation that the National Recruiting Centre maintains lists of vacancies in units and sub units so that prospective recruits, especially for the Army Reserve, can enquire about specific vacancies for their specific skills?

Am not an expert in these matters but what seems on face value to be an entirely reasonable expectation was met with this response from SO1 RPP Comms, Army Recruitment and Training Directorate.

…you should be aware the the RG does not have details of specific vacancies in units and sub units. This is something that can only be achieved by talking directly with the formation in question

Now I know the scenario described by the letter writer might not be the norm but it would seem that a potential recruit into the Army Reserve with high value skills has to ring around to find out about vacancies.

Invariably, there are more to these things than meets the eye but on first glance, it does seem like rather an inadequate situation.

Anyone know the details of this one?



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