Additional Titan Turrets for RAF Chinooks

Contract news…

The MoD have placed an £6.8million order with SELEX for 15 Titan 385ES-HD electro optical turrets for use on RAF Chinooks. This comes on the back of a previous development and manufacture contract that saw 45 turrets and associated items delivered.

Do they use the same EO turret on other aircraft in service with the RAF, Fleet Air Arm and Army Air Corps?

What do you think!

Selex Titan EO Turret
Selex Titan EO Turret



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October 27, 2013 9:07 am

I think we do, well at least on the Merlin HC3’s. Not to mention we’ll soon have more turrets available from the withdrawal of the RAF sea kings.

The way the system is installed on the nose of the Chinook makes me think, could a similar arrangement – albeit temporary – be made for the Merlin HM2’s? I note they have a ‘clean’ nose, unlike the HC3’s which have antennae. Though I guess it would interfere with the systems in the nose and plus; cost. That or what I suggested a while back, a podded system to take up a weapons station.

Just seems odd how the HM1/2 never got an EO turret.

October 27, 2013 3:09 pm

Reading a feature article in air internationals nov issue on merlin mk2 it states 4 merlin mk2s will receive mx-15 eo turrets as an urgent operational requirement. Lack of cash prevented fleet wide fit.