Marshall Containerised Deployable CT Scanner

Its been a while since we had some proper container porn on Think Defence and Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2013 in the Innovation category is reason enough.

The Marshall Containerised Deployable CT Scanner is one of the reasons why.

Marshall container CT Scanner undergoing test
Marshall container CT Scanner undergoing test

Read more at Marshall’s

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And read the brochure, click here

Another great UK defence company we don’t hear enough about

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April 28, 2013 8:20 pm

my background is in mri scanners, which could be (are?) container-ised (?) in a similar fashion (albeit with consideration for fringe-field effects, power supply, field safety zones, more tricky in the metal-rich environment that is a warzone, but still …). you definitely already have ‘mri in a truck’ as they help deal with nhs surge demand etc.
the availability of such CT / mri systems in a forward base (e.g.: like Bastion) further improves the pretty amazing work done by the medical staff in saving lives, in both war and humanitarian situations. i haven’t got much to add, other than ‘bravo’ :-)

May 2, 2013 8:34 am

As one of the guys who was the fortunate recipient of a MRI scan in Bastion – very impressed with it – like TD said – unsung heroes.