General Dynamics GAU-19/B Gatling gun

So you can’t be bothered with the whole man packing thing and just want maximum firepower / ammunition wastage (depending on your viewpoint) in a Jeremy Clarkson ‘power’ fashion, then this is the badger for you

Datasheet here

Gatling type rotary barrel weapons have never really caught on in the ground role because, I guess, the massive rate of fire means any unit using them would need a logistics convoy behind them loaded with ammunition but one aspect of this that has never really been explored is their psychological value.

The only place this type of weapon is in widespread use is on the widescreen, games and films always have this kind of weapon. Now laugh at me if you want but that translates into a widespread awareness that might provide a psychological advantage because, well, its looks well hard!

OK OK, back to Halo

Reach Warthog Machine Gun Variant

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