IED Minewolf Mine

A nice picture, courtesy of 21 Engineer regiment Royal Engineers

Abacot Minewolf C-IED

The caption

After arriving in Afghanistan and completing the familiarisation package, I was ready to get settled in and acclimatised to life on tour. During week two I was fortunate enough to be tasked with training on and operating the new remote controlled mine clearance machine, strangely called ‘Abacot’. At first glance of the machine, with all its attachments, different functions and cameras it all seemed very complicated but that all changed after getting some good hands on and spending a few days putting the Abacot through its paces.

The controls are via a remote system, it will be used to ensure areas are clear of IEDs and therefore providing safe passage for our troops. It is also designed to keep its operator (Me) out of harm’s way. I am now all trained up and looking forward to getting the Abacot out on the ground and using it for the purpose it was designed for saving lives both military and local national.

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