The Type 26 Global Combat Ship


The MoD tweeted a few images of the latest Type 26, the BBC and Portsmouth News run the story and we have all gone bonkers with anticipation.

Except the images don’t look that different from the last time BAE Systems released a video

The BBC link has a nice little CGI animation which has been released by the MoD as well

Here they are

And for a trip through the recent archives on Type 26, the most recent post on the subject is here complete with over 700 comments!

This is nothing really surprising, just programme continuation with a confirmation of an earlier design iteration.

Good stuff, of course, Type 26 is a modern but conventional and low-risk design that makes maximum use of mature systems either already in service with the RN, about to be in service with the RN before the Type 26 build or in service with other nations. This conservatism is no doubt a good thing because the programme has to be achievable within a well defined ‘cost envelope’ to use the latest trendy buzzwords.

The MoD released a news story on the news story including a helpful reference to how many double-decker buses its length will be the equivalent of.

More from BAE

The intention is to get 13 in service and the next phase will get down to detailed design and specification work.

Does anyone know of any major projects in recent history that have achieved their initial/planned quantities and/or specifications by the way?

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