UK, New Zealand and Australia Collaborate on Naval Design

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The UK, New Zealand and Australia have commenced on an information-sharing agreement that will inform designs for future naval surface vessels.

Information exchanges are expected to continue around the Pacific 2010 conference and exhibition, running in Sydney from 27-29 January.

Australia is planning to replace its existing ANZAC class frigates in the post-2020 period and also has similar plans to the Royal Navy with regards to consolidating its minor vessels (hydrographic, patrols etc) into one class.

Although timescales might be slightly different, this is an interesting development. With multi-nation EU collaborative efforts having such a poor track record of delivery and cost control creating project partnerships with nations like Australia, New Zealand and perhaps Canada would seem an attractive option; culturally, militarily and economically there are many synergies.

It is just talks about possible futures at the minute, but one worth watching and hoping for, much to gain for all.


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