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The Freedom Bridge


From the MoD

The longest bridge built on operations since World War Two has been handed over to the people of Gereshk in a ceremony attended by the district governor.

It cost £1.2 million to construct the 70-metre long Freedom Bridge which connects communities either side of the NEB Canal.

For soldiers of 29 Armoured Engineer Squadron – part of 35 Royal Engineers – it was the main effort throughout Operation HERRICK 15.

Cracking stuff

TD readers should be well versed in military bridge building by now, anyone suggest what sort it is?

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12 Responses

  1. I suspect neither, straight from that nice man Mr Osbourne. I don’t think it will be from the MoD’s budget directly

  2. standard operating procedure is an OBE chasing CO will decree “his men have all volunteered a days pay, willingly” Followed up by the idea was put forward by the troops as they really wanted to make a difference!!

  3. @ Paul G,

    you are not far off. I can recall that for a couple of years, there were so many things that I “willingly” volunteered a day’s pay for it was like there were 11 months in the year. I actually only “willingly” volunteered a day’s pay for a couple of things (cue “tight fisted jock bastard” -type comments), but such is peer pressure.

  4. we were “privelleged” to contribute to a silver cent ARV for the sgts mess, it was a mess bill to remember, decimal point moved to the left, even better when the commissioning chasing RSM decreed the officers mess could use it for reg dinners.

  5. f**k me there’s the answer, quick announcement in the times about how all the troops want an aircraft carrier and are donating a days pay, result!!!

  6. @ Paul G,

    it is when it is announced that the silver Cent ARRV is to be produced by BAE Systems, and in service by a certain date for a certain price that you really need to start worrying. One day’s pay for a piece of bling for the next Ladies’ Dinner Night somehow becomes 9 day’s pay for a small commemorative cheese knife that may be in use in 2017, an OBE for the IPT Leader, two promotions for the SO1 in CAP (Bling), and a redefinition of the doctrine so that when it does arrive, half of the table eats cheese before sitting down for soup, and the other half eat nothing as the cheese knife is being used on a Thomson holiday as part of the PFI contract that is widely agreed to be a stunning example of best VFM or something.

    In comparison with that, the Weaponised Phil programme looks like being a real success.

  7. Well since noone else has bit: Is is a single-double LSB? (that’s single width, double height).

  8. “volunteering” a day’s pay doesn’t sound so bad when you’ve found out that you’ve unknowingly volunteered yourself for a day’s hard labour manually digging a broad trench in which to lay a long driveway.

    On the occasion I’m thinking of, the CO turned up in his Landrover, shook a few hands, moved two spadefuls of dirt (thank you for your contribution, sir) for a local press photoshoot, then f’ked off in his Landrover again.

    It rained.

  9. Gah, re-read the Bailey Bridge post. It’s a double-double, of course! Still, everyone else is still talking about digging trenches :-/

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