UK Military Bridging – Introduction


One of the great unsung success stories of British military endeavour is that of gap crossing, or perhaps more commonly known as military bridging.

In the next series of posts, I am going to shine a light on this little known subject, concentrating on UK aspects but touching on other nations where I think it adds value.

This is a labour of love, hope you enjoy the series as it builds;


Definitions and General Terms

Early Days


WWII – Far East Theatre

WWII – Africa and Northwest Europe

WWII – Italy

Post War

Iraq and Afghanistan

Equipment – Military Load Classification

Equipment – Floating Bridges

Equipment – Assault Bridging

Equipment – Construction Bridging

Equipment – Pre WWII

Equipment – The Bailey Bridge

Equipment – The Medium Girder Bridge

Equipment – Air Portable Bridges

Equipment – BR90 and REBS

Equipment – Trackway

Look Back and Look Forward

A Note on Sources

The posts have liberal hotlinks that readers can use for additional reading and in some cases these links will have provided inspiration and factual information for the main post, acknowledgement is assumed in these cases.

In addition, a number of primary sources have been used which will be detailed in the individual posts.

Although the internet is a superb research tool (even Wikipedia) there is no substitute for an old fashioned cracking read, in this case, One More River to Cross written by JH Joiner. Don’t go to Amazon, if you are interested in this subject and want to know more beyond this series of posts pop over to the Sapper Shop to buy the book and visit the RE Museum in Brompton.

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