155mm Artillery


After our recent excursion back into maritime matters here is a question.

With the future character of conflict and other conflicts are increasingly pointing to a need for precision and low collateral damage is the role of the traditional gun artillery diminishing?

Although the 105mm Light Gun and other nations 155mm weapons being deployed to great effect in Afghanistan with a mix of fast air, attack helicopters, armed UAV’s, GMLRS and possibly loitering munitions is there a great need anymore?

I think we forget the advantages of artillery at our peril and there is more to the 105/155 mix than a simple comparison with other systems like the speed of deployment, sustainment, logistics, diversity natures (smoke and illum etc), the ability to both suppress and neutralise and low cost but with funding appearing to diminish for the naval 155mm and greater concentration of resource in the other systems it is still a valid question to ask.

Remember, budgets are finite and choices have consequences.

Anyway, have a spot of big shooty stuff porn!

Ok, so I know the Light Gun isn’t 155mm but I like the videos!

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