The Miracle that is HESCO

FOB Shawqat Closure

I am working on a post about another marvel of British combat engineering expertise, the HESCO Bastion.

As a taster

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14 Responses

  1. Oooo! Can’t wait HESCO is magic stuff and frankly the worlds militaries have went a bit nutty for the stuff and it’s essentially a big steel cage with a liner British Manufacturing success story, simples!

  2. Now if they can just find some way of filling them at the same speed as they lay them . . .

    Who’d have thought that gabbions would make a comeback in the 21st century?

  3. The fact that it is deployed out the back of an ISO container being dragged by a Foden DROPS at high speed in the video you posted wouldn’t have any bearing on your interest, would it TD? :-)

  4. Imagine if those trucks would lay it out in Haiti, at that speed;
    – a door ready-made on the alternate side of every other unit
    – some fascia bundles dropped by other vehicles, to make a roof out of (hard-waring plastic sheet then inter-leaved into it by hand, on the spot)

    So what’s been achieved in a year, would be a matter of weeks… the next time; or somewhere else

    All of this loaded onto Fort George, including ample fuel supplies for that fleet of trucks to their job

    => Part 2 of Paddy Ashdown report in the making!

  5. That’s a one upper (3 bed, detached) on the bed sit that first occurred to me
    – good to see a good idea in good use

  6. And I wouldn’t say it’s sad to be interested in military engineering: the Romans didn’t conquer half the known world by being good with spears, they conquered it by being good with shovels.

  7. the second video…


    lol seriously, “its from 20 hours sitting in the truck…” Rapid deplyment looks fine and snazzy, and quick, but what about putting them away?

    I see, containers again TD? XD
    Another good piece of kit that works :)

  8. Hesco is excellent but time is catching up with it. After 20 years a few more innovations other than putting it in a container might be useful. Weight? Volume?

  9. HESCO is amazing stuff, its easy, simple, presumably cheap, flexible and effective. Its not perfect, it rots and deforms after a while but you can literally knock up Patrol Bases in a few days with this stuff. Wish I had bought some shares in the company before it all kicked off!

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