CVR(T) – The Sequel


Jane’s are reporting that the MoD are in negotiation with BAe to re-manufacture CVR(T) hulls.

When I looked at the history of the CVR(T) I described how the programme had its inception in the 1960 Armoured Vehicle Reconnaissance project which turned into Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance. First prototypes were produced in 1967 and accepted into service in 1970.

40 years later and despite hundreds of millions of pounds being spent on replacement programmes from Future Family of Light Armoured Vehicles (FFLAV) to Tactical Reconnaissance Armoured Combat Equipment Requirement (TRACER) and culminating in the FRES Scout it seems the answer is more CVR(T)

Not sure what the base model will be, the Scimitar, flatbed Stormer or any of the other variants.

What is the nature of the reported manufacture, is it just a few hulls to see us over an attrition gap between now and the introduction of FRES Scout or something more specialised?

Does anyone know?

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