• Open Thread 29

    Open Thread   ...

  • Open Thread 28

    A landing craft water skiing with an amphibious excavator. What a great time to be alive :) ...

  • Open Thread 27

    For this week's open thread, how would you maximise the UK's considerable investment in Brimstone and other complex weapons? Can we squeeze more value out ...

  • Open Thread 26

    And for the starter this week's open thread is; SDSR 2015, cause for cautious optimism or...   ...

  • Open Thread 25

    Am on holiday next week so posting might be sporadic Be nice ...

  • Open Thread 24

    How about starting this open thread off with a sweepstake? P8 P1 Business Jet RPAS Combo C295 Hercules or Atlas mashup Some other wildcard Combinations of ...

  • Open Thread 23

    With news that the Government is including the cost of anything it can find to reasonably qualify as 'defence spending', this Open Thread starts with a qu ...

  • Open Thread 22

    This week, to start the conversation going, what are the three priorities for each service going into SDSR and CSR? ...

  • Open Thread 21

    A simple question this time, how many SNP MP's are going to sit on the House of Commns Defence Select Commiteee?   And whilst you are thinking about ...

  • Open Thread 20

    The open threads are not going to be based on Week Numbers but on number of comments. This thread is about SDSR speculation. Will the Army actually get re ...

  • Thinking about the Open Thread

    A few weeks ago I let you all know that I was slowing the post rate, concentrating on the longer posts and trying to consolidate the 7 years worth of post ...

  • Open Thread – 2015 Week 18

    As HMS Something Must Be Done sallies forth this week's Open Thread is mostly about refugees and the Mediterranean. 1x HMS Bulwark 2x HMC cutters 3x Merli ...

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