ESARCO Vehicles

Developed in the early eighties, Esarco produced a number of all terrain vehicles for civilian and military applications

Developed in the early eighties, Esarco developed a range of all-terrain vehicles for the military and civilian market.

The 8×8 vehicles used Land Rover 110 components, and when driving on road, the second transfer case was uncoupled and the vehicle became an 8×4.  The basic vehicle could cross a 1m gap, tackle 60% slopes, wade to 800mm, and travel at 60mph on roads.

The payload was a tonne and it could tow a three-tonne trailer.

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With a fold-down cab, it was designed for Chinook carriage, two per helicopter.

Eight could be carried inside a C130, it could be airdropped and a Chinook could sling load two.

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Esarco 8x8 Image 1

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Esarco 8x8 Image 3

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ESARCO Variants

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The US company, Stewart and Stevenson, eventually developed the vehicle under licence, called the SS300.

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SS300 Image 2

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In the UK, the MWG group also purchased the design rights and developed it further into the Heavy Use Global Operation (HUGO) All-Terrain Vehicle. The Hugo 8×8 could carry a payload weighing 2 Tonnes, had a crew cab and diesel engine. A 6×6 version was also developed for Portugal.

Both were said to be highly mobile, yet very stable.

The first, and only, production model, entered service with Oil Spill Response.

HUGO 8x8

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February 20, 2017 9:55 am

It looks like an oversized two-seat 6×6 ATV. The wheel travel is ugly short.

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