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The Power of 8 – Part 3

The need to rethink the ideal balance between mobility, protection and firepower Historically, the best tanks have always been those that provided a balanced mix

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The Power of 8 – Part 2

An audit of the UK’s existing vehicle fleet The UK has more than 2,000 frontline AFVs that were acquired before 1980. Some people might argue

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Army 2020 3rd (United Kingdom Division)

The Power of 8 – Part 1

Developing a coherent AFV strategy to support Army 2020 An Army Cut to the Bone Until 1989, the capabilities of Britain’s Armed Forces were almost

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Tanks for the memories

The need to rethink the UK’s Armoured Vehicle Strategy This is a post from Monty that I have been sitting on for a while, apologies

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The Future of Airborne Forces

Another guest post from Monty Every now and then, some bright spark comes along and says that some established military paradigm has become redundant. We’ve

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