Official Statistics: UK armed forces operational deaths post World War 2: 2016

This official statistic is the first in a new series providing summary statistics on the number of in-service deaths among UK armed forces personnel which occurred as a result of a British, United Nations (UN) or North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) medal earning operation since World War 2.

from Ministry of Defence – Activity on GOV.UK

screenshot-www gov uk 2016-03-31 09-54-24


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March 31, 2016 9:07 am

A very sobering, but interesting, report, that I haven;t seen before. I for one didn’t realize that so many died in the Malaya campaign.

March 31, 2016 9:34 am

Largest in Malaya…wow

March 31, 2016 6:12 pm

Something vey interesting to see.

And to hopefully hammer home something to the new services.

Deaths are inevitable. Sometimes you do everything right and personel still die. THAT doesnt necessarily mean that your kit is bad (though tbf ours probs is) or what you are doing is wrong. It just is an occupational hazard.

I dont mean to sound callous but it is good to see something that hammers homethe point that despite all our interventions since WW2 our 2nd largest casualty location is still home and probably from training.

Maybe it shows how good we are. Just maybe it means next time we draw a line in the sand and a military person dies. We treat them and the family with REAL RESPECT. Honour them properly by making that death mean something. and just maybe. Dont use it for political or social ends (looking at you media/government/defence industry).

Just MHO

March 31, 2016 7:51 pm

Interesting to see Palestine deaths are half those of Northern Ireland, both places it was essentially due to actions by terrorists

April 1, 2016 9:48 pm

Anthony, the wording indicates operational theatres not training , eg Northern Ireland is what they call the troubles, and doesnt include training at UK bass

April 2, 2016 2:23 am

Of course the Malayan CP guys had a certain amount of practice against the Japanese and had been trained by Spencer Chapman.