Maps v2.0

Thought I would write a quick update to an older post on map boards. In the 2014 post I described a number of technologies that might one day replace the paper map in headquarters locations.

I said;

Maps need to be detailed, have persistence, viewable in all conditions, large-scale and very high resolution. Paper, in these circumstances, is pretty hard to beat.

How about an alternative?

Whilst being able to view 3D maps on a 2D screen is useful I think having the ability to look at a topographic relief map in physical form would have many terrain appreciation and training benefits.

Solid Terrain Modelling create large models using a combination of inkjet printing and the precision machining of solid foam boards.

Real-time data can be overlayed onto these 3D model using multiple projectors.

With advances in 3D printing, it is easy to envisage LIDAR data and optical imagery combined to form 3D tiles that can be slotted together

Indeed, one can already purchase smaller 3D printed maps using publically available, or your own, mapping data.

Everything from small battlefield history maps to 3D maps printed using multiple layers of printed paper are now available.

3D Map


Actually, the Chinese Army is doing this

Obviously, they are not very portable, unless you like jigsaw puzzles!

or have a lot of time.

Whilst paper maps are in no means under threat of extinction, in some cases, their days may be numbered.

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