Just Because You Can


Is there a point with technology systems in defence where you have to ask, should we.

This is the Lockheed Martin Squad Mission Support System (SMSS)

An unmanned load carrier, it is designed for autonomous and even beyond line of sight control, supporting the overloaded infantry squad with some help in carrying their marching equipment and sustainment supplies.

Clever stuff, but think of the additional weight and the fuel penalty that weight incurs, the reliance on complex technology that adds to the support burden and RF emissions that aid an enemy in locating the unit.

There are many advantages no doubt, but do those advantages outweigh the disadvantages and at what point should time be called, enough, being, enough?

Pushing the boundaries of technology creates advantage and so as a rule, timidity in advancing that technology will eventually erode the advantage.

But where do you stop?

I have no idea.

Maybe a mechanical mule that makes more noise than a real one but only has the endurance for a quick canter around the block.

Or just buy an ATV

Perhaps not!

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