HQ Allied Rapid reaction Corps on the Move


Vehicle convoys have been conducted around Latvia and Lithuania to bring the masses of equipment and vehicles to their final destinations for the exercise. The convoy destined for Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, arrived late in the afternoon as onlookers stared bemused.

This deployment marks the first time HQ ARRC has conducted their annual exercise, named ARRCADE FUSION 2015 (AF 15), in the Baltics with participation and elements in all 3 nations of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

“From the logistic point of view it is an excellent opportunity to test the strategic deployment of our personnel and material”, said Brigadier Torsten Gersdorf, commander of Enabling Command ARRC.

About 350 logistics vehicles and more than 150 containers of equipment left the ship MV EDDYSTONE and departed in convoys driven by 14 Transport Squadron and elements of 27 Regiment RLC to the various exercise locations in Lithuania and Latvia. This non-tactical movement signifies the start of this year’s AF 15 from a support perspective.

This exercise tests the headquarters’ ability to control simulated troop formations within a challenging and dynamic fictional scenarios. The scenario planned for AF 15 provides exercise evaluators with the ability to merge realistic global security threats into one environment to challenge and test the ability of headquarters personnel to devise innovative and pragmatic solutions. This is made all the more challenging, as they will be deploying in the middle of a Baltic winter in tents and field conditions.

In this image: The convoy drives through the streets supported by Lithuanian Military Police.

What struck me about this image was the FEPS generators being carried on the load bed of the DROPS trucks.

This is what happens when you have your towed field generators provided under a PFI that can’t be towed by in service vehicles.

All the disadvantages of towed equipment combined with an inability to be towed.

You think I am making this up don’t you!

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