#AskQNLZ An Experiment in Social Media Engagament

QE Carrier Portsmouth

This afternoon the Royal Navy hosted a ‘live Twitter chat’ with Captain Simon Petitt from HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Questions raised from the trivial to the very interesting including this gem from yours truly;

Am on holiday, don’t expect anything too serious!

Social media engagement is an important strand of the MoD’s engagement strategy and I thought this was done really well.

Many of the questions were not answered within the hour and of course, there were questions that were difficult or impossible to answer within the bounds of policy compliance and security, but on the whole, they were answered with humour and openness. The hash tag search page took a while to update which meant that it looked like most of the questions were not answered within the hour but tracking the individual questions revealed a range of answers.

Read more at the link


All good stuff I think.


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