SDSR 2015 in 200 Words


As we discussed in the Open Thread a week or so ago, the public consultation web form for the SDSR only allows submissions that are 1,500 characters long, about 200-300 words.

Many have seen this as an insult…

Personally, I think it is good, it focusses the mind on the important issues and makes sure submissions can be easily absorbed by the SDSR team (assuming they actually look at them of course)

I wonder if the submissions will be published, or carefully placed in the round filing cabinet but as an exercise, how about in comments, TD readers create a 1,500 character submission?

sdsr2015My starter;

  • Sack anyone that inserts the word warfighter or transformational into any SDSR publication.
  • Make sure it reflects the approach of talking at the same volume as walking, i.e. match the rhetoric and ambition with the resources provided. Our current approach of talking loudly and carrying a small stick destroys our credibility.
  • Capabilities are not just made up from planes, tanks and ships, it is the people that actually make the difference, make sure those people and their families are supported.
  • Honesty is always the best policy, fudging the numbers to get to 2% GDP on defence is embarrassing and demeans the UK. If defence spending is to be 1.8% then just have the honesty to say so.
  • Commonality considerations in programmes must enable long-term decisions to be made, spending now to save later is a good thing.
  • The full weight of HM Armed Forces to be brought to bear on the problem of the double decker bus infographic issue
  • There is no military problem that cannot be solved by the application of an ISO container, just saying!

See how easy, 1,052 characters, 179 words!


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