In the ship to shore logistics series I took a quick look at fenders for naval shipping, and lo, a fender story comes along soon after!

[browser-shot width=”600″ url=”http://www.fendercare.com/uk/news-and-media/press-releases/fendercare-marine-secure-major-fendering-contract-ministry-defence/”]

New fenders for the MoD then

Read more about Yokahama fenders herehere and here

Fascinating stuff, no, honestly

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Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson
April 12, 2014 7:41 pm

Maybe a series to follow about as the colonial cousins say “fender benders” about collisions, starring the US & Royal Canadian navies? Thank you for helping continue my edumacation. At the moment i am obliged to know more about the French Marine Nationale, as the belovéd & missus to be is French, & ex Armée de Terre, & still listed as a reserve, & after all i’m livin in Frogland, & several of the extended famille are in the French Navy (or ex & now Gendamerie National or Mobile – one presently serving Embassy protection in Nigeria). Own cousin ex Andrew. Fascinating reading of the smaller details of operations, most folk forget, or omit to pay attention to. The “divil is in the details”. Where would we be without the engineers?