SDSR 2015 Talking Points – Mass or Speed


I am a strong believer in maintaining as much of a balanced force as possible, if nothing else as a hedge against uncertainty and strategic shock.

The problem with maintaining balance though, is one ends up with very thinly spread jam, or a lack of effect and resilience.

Without veering into the RUSI strategic raiding nonsense there is a question of focus.

Would the UK be best served by de-emphasising balance and investing in rapid response capabilities rather than maintaining the ability to deploy an armoured division?

Think along the lines of a significant uplift in air transport and amphibious capabilities but fewer personnel and a concentration on air deployable vehicles, for example.

I know this might sound like the undead corpse that is RMA, FCS and FRES making an unwelcome return and despite the Ukraine, are operations in Africa a likely future norm, those that require strategic and tactical mobility?

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