UK to Sell Armoured Vehicles to Latvia


Interesting news from the NATO summit

Just been having a few Twitter chats, will be interesting to see this develop

More to follow


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120 CVR(T) for 70 Million Euros


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New build Foxhounds or something used?


That would make sense based on this:

120, seemingly used, armoured vehicles to mechanise the Latvian infantry brigade. This however appears to not be a contract yet. Bulldogs perhaps?


Curious to see the split in vehicle types. I guess a substantial wedge of Spartan’s but the other variants will be interesting.

Assuming this makes it into a contract this is a nice little win, there will be refurb work for UK industry as well as ongoing support and the MoD should get some small change.


Actual Bulldogs (ie Mk III) would be a shockingly good idea (shocking coz HMG had a good idea…) Long in the tooth but well protected, probably a better procurement if you’re willing to deal with single source parts and repair than the German M113s Lithuania picked up for a song in the 2000s. Since there’s already military-sales relationship with Latvia via the Sandowns, good to see some follow up.

Does mention on one of hose sites that they are planning an APC buy too, but since the brigade is configured for ‘international operations’ likely not to be Bulldog as its poor mine protection kept it out of Afghanistan, perhaps? Maybe surplus MRAP or wheeled APC more useful?

Does mention on one of those sites that they are planning an APC buy too, but since the brigade is configured for ‘international operations’ likely not to be Bulldog as its poor mine protection kept it out of Afghanistan, perhaps? Maybe surplus MRAP or wheeled APC more useful? They will probably get the Afghan refurbed CVR(T)s, I guess? as Scout SV comes online.

Gareth Jones

Nice to see someone appreciates the CVR(T)….


How many Saxons are left in the stock?
That could be an option.

we have 900+ snatch land rovers to get rid of

CVR(T) series in total we still have 650+ in service
with them wanting APC, it will be the Spartan they want there are (270 of them left).


Seems like strategic mobility was an important consideration. Although when I read ‘vehicles which have been in limited use’ I immediately thought of Panther.


the sandowns went to estonia though



*Smacks forehead*, yes thanks for the correction. Still, maybe the Letts have been looking enviously over the neighbours’ fence… :)



Would you honestly consider selling snatch landrovers to a NATO ally?


Yes but it depends what they are going to use them for?
Providing they are not going to take them out on NATO missions they would be fine for training and internal security. They are crap against IED but other then that snatch is quite a good vehicle. They were fine in Northern Ireland and Bosnia. Most peacekeeping missions they would be fine. They are as safe as the armoured land cruisers most UN operations use. Fast, mobile and there are times that a MRAP is over the top.
Not every operation is like Afghanistan and Iraq. It is a matter of using them right. We have been using similar for 40 years. They should have never been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, wrong vehicle for the job. They are very good at the job they are designed for. All equipment is like that.

it turns out they do not need a small vehicle as the have 60 HMMWV armoured vehicle.



The snatch landrover had it’s day decades ago, it was not suitable for Bosnia hence the requirement that eventually became Panther being drawn up, and the purchase of Mambas for some units to be used for route clearance during the operation.
To be honest I think if they had the budget they would not be buying second hand CVRT’s but something newer.


Effectively they are investing in NATO cover, by volunteering for e/xtraterritorial missions. The Antonovs chartered frequently for such missions take quite a few CVRTs in one go (7?).

If you were really planning to fight on your own territory, you would buy used A6 Leos…costing only twice, per piece, what the CVRTs are fetching in this deal.
… And some long-range, homing anti-tank artillery munitions, and some ATACMs (that one I never get right), and some stealthy cruise missiles. All of these clearly out of the reach for a nation with a GNP like Latvia’s. A rational choice.

BTW, isn’t Belgium stockpiling about 400 similar AFVs. They are even offering the 90 mm gun/AT missile combo for it. Not selling, though, as that spec is for a different kind of war.


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Elm Creek Smith

Is this going to move the cost of purchasing a surplus, re-engined Scorpion/Scimitar up out of my price range?

Gloomy Northern Boy

@Elm Creek Smith – Setting up your own “well-regulated Militia”…or just really bad traffic down your way? :-)



For Latvia, I would have liked to have seen Warrier AIFV.