JIM, on a stick

Safran Sagem JIM LR MOST

I like this, the well known and widely used Sagem JIM multi function binoculars has had its utility extended by simply mounting it on a telescopic mast.

JIM LR binoculars are at the heart of a new intelligence system that is being unveiled at Milipol: MOST (Mât Optronique de Surveillance Terrestre), an optronic land surveillance mast. It is operated from a shelter-mounted tactical terminal and features the latest image processing software – another specialty at Sagem. Building on the outstanding performance offered by JIM LR, Sagem offers other advanced functions on MOST, including day-night image fusion, panoramic display, and automatic threat detection. MOST is being offered in several configurations: vehicle mounted, fixed station, telescopic mast. Covering a full 360 degrees, the JIM LR sensor incorporates a thermal imager, GPS and a north seeker enabling the detection and position determination of a target at a range of several kilometers, for protection, intelligence and attack missions

Simple I know, but an effective means of getting more out of what you have for not a lot.

Safran Sagem JIM LR MOST
Safran Sagem JIM LR MOST

In 2012 Sagem was awarded a £5m contract as part of the Long Range Thermal Imager programme.

Read more about JIM at Safran


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