Chemring Centurion Update


Back in April this year I wrote a short piece on the Chemring Centurion naval countermeasures launching system;

In that piece was information on a partnership between Chemring and Raytheon, especially with their plans to use the Centurion to launch Javelin missiles for defence against small craft.

Javelin is in service, reliable and relatively low cost.

Raytheon and Chemring have recently announced a successful test firing of Centurion with Javelin on Salisbury Plain.

Although the Centurion is more complex than the traditional fixed tube launchers the operational benefits would seem to be many. One wonders if the cost would be significant and the Royal Navy being the launch customer for such an innovative product would improve its export chances no end.

Chemring Centurion Javelin Test Launch
Chemring Centurion Javelin Test Launch

Although not mentioned in any of the literature, the image below shows the launcher mounted on an ISO flatrack. Could this be the basis of a demountable protection system, rotated between vessels or used as a temporary measure for merchant vessels.

The Centurion even has its own web site, click here to view.

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