The Department of Cheaper Ocelots

General Dynamics have released a few interesting images of their Ocelot-S range of vehicles, the Ocelot of course being the GD name for the British Army Foxhound.

S stands for Steel which is much cheaper than the composites used on the Foxhound, it also adds nearly 2 tonnes which illustrates just how composite materials can save weight.

It was also shown at the recent DSEi exhibition with a fully GVA compliant systems fit.

Ocelot S - Stretch
Ocelot S – Stretch
Ocelot S Logistics
Ocelot S Logistics
Ocelot S - Ambulance
Ocelot S – Ambulance

The logistics variant can carry a couple of NATO standard pallets up to a total of 2 tonnes in weight, the ambulance variant can carry two stretchers and there is a 6.5m Long Wheel Base version shown in the images above.

Other suggestions include a military working dog carrier, 105mm Light Gun Limber, fuel bowser and protected shelter carrier. A 6×6 version is also reportedly possible.

This makes obvious sense, to build up the 400 Foxhound fleet to include other variants could potentially displace various versions of the the Land Rover, Duro and Pingauer fleets.

H/T Janes

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